Die Casting


Parts & Components of Die casting / Sintering / Extrusion / Machining / Plastic

We supply qualified goods from both Taiwan & China depending on customers' delivery requirements. In case of production in China, we prefer to have tools made in Taiwan and will only transfer the tools to China for series production after the initial samples are approved by customers to ensure tool quality and to achieve cost saving as well.

In order to achieve the best efficiency, we normally do not produce the tools in house but at our contracted tool house while we still design all tools ourselves to ensure everything goes in the right direction from the very beginning. Our engineers will have the status report to check very frequently to see if the material preparation / wire cutting & EDM process / tool assembly etc. are done correctly and if the time schedule will be met as planned. For the capability of tool development, we do work with CAD/CAM systems such as AutoCAD, Pro-E, Solidworks etc. and we highly appreciate if our customers could send us by e-mail the 2D / 3D files to speed up the tooling process. Moreover, upon customers' request, we also provide rapid prototyping to prepare very quickly the prototypes in order to help with urgent projects if necessary. For the tool repair & maintenance, in most cases we will do it inside the foundry and only complicated modifications (e.g. EDM needed or updated issue of drawing index changes) will be sent back to our tool house so that we have great flexibility to meet customers' sudden request for urgent delivery because tools are always kept in ready-for-use condition and it's for sure that all changes applied will be recorded with detailed documentation.

For the field of machining, we can supply you either the direct work from raw material or the secondary operation from the die casting / sintering / extrusion & plastic parts etc. such as thread tapping, milling, hole drilling etc. based on the actual specification of the formal drawings.